Lord Walter Othlo

Gold-Knot Nobility


Lord Walter Othlo

Married to Lady Lianna Othlo (formerly Roston) in 1230

Children: Gare Othlo (2), Wina Othlo (1)

Moved to Gold-Knot in 1229. Was apparently wealthy before arrival and has become an important merchant and political figure. Principal source of revenue: ownership in productive silver mines. Secondary sources of revenue seem to include many small partnerships with other nobility.

Known to be a heavy spender and drinker. Hosts many balls. Little is known of him before his arrival in Gold-Knot.

No known criminal affiliations. No known affiliations with radicals or revolutionaries.

Rumored to be under careful watch by the Masters. This cannot be verified but would be unsurprising given his station.

Has a long standing relationship with The Silver Talons mercenary group. Their loyalty seems to stretch beyond coin.

Lord Walter Othlo

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